Stunning Rogers 3 piece Black Onyx set
Amazing Museum Quality speciment

The Finish is stunning unfaded and with intense figuring and a rich gloss
No lifts splits or fractures
Chrome fitting are all is superb condition as well
Eaxch drum still has its original resonant side Rogers Logo heads
sizes are 9" x 13" 16" x 16" and 14" x 22"
Features include
 Beavertail lugs with original tension rods
Original Rogers hoops
Bass drum hoops are excellent and have complete original inlay
Mufflers on the 13" & 16"
Knobby mounts on the floor tom with original legs
Swivomatic Tom Mount on 13"
The bass drum is equipped with Two Cymbal Arm Mounts complete with excellent condition
cymbal arms and swivomatic tilters
 1 Swivomatic tom mount complete with excellent condition tom arm
 2 Swivomatic bass drum spur mounts with excellent conditon original spurs
Dayton holiday 13" Cleveland Holday 16"Dayton Holiday 22"
As can be seen by the condition of the bass hoops and hardware That this set obvioulsy saw very little use in its 40 years
and the rest of the set shows just as well
Perhaps one of the finest preserved Black Onyx finsh sets
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